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Outsourcing pricing models

  • Fixed Cost Model - best suited for small projects where requirements and costs are predefined,

  • Time and Materials Model - good choice for projects where requirements are not clear and are likely to change over the time. Client is being charged based on the amount of hours incurred for each month,

  • Offshore Development Centre Model (ODC) - recommended for large projects with frequent requirement changes. In that model we offer dedicated team of highly experienced developers working exclusively for the client - recommended for mission critical systems,

  • Near-shore Development Centre Model (NDC) - NDC combines ODC model with the proximity of development centre (GMT+1 hour) - it's a good fit for long time cooperation for the fraction of the cost what client would pay on his in-house development,

Why outsource to Poland?

  • Poland has one of the best-educated populations in Europe (especially in technical studies),
  • Polish IT developers are at least as clever as their counterparts back home, and very often way ahead, winning international programming competitions,
  • Poland is very good located, with a favourable time zone (GMT+1), also the cultural background is similar to other European countries,
  • Poland is part of the EU, hence there are common legal regulations, also related to intellectual rights,
  • Costs of living in Poland are much lower compared to other European countries with the salary being lower for up-to 50% on some IT positions,
  • Poland has 33% of English-speaking residents...