How we work

In our daily work, we follow Agile (SCRUM) process - the entire project is being divided into small phases (usually two weeks). On completion of each phase, the progress is being evaluated and appropriate adjustments are being made to make sure the requirements are being followed. The diagram below presents the overview of that process:

Development environment

Depending on the requirements, we offer full development infrastructure located on our designated UAT server that acts as an extension of the client's in-house development environment or Visual Studio Online with TFS hosted on Windows Azure.

Process automation

When working on the client's project, we try to automate repetitive tasks to maintain high quality and speed-up development. Main areas of automation we are focusing on: builds and deployments, unit/ integration tests, selenium tests, reporting, code quality checks etc...

Project examples

Text Analytics and Sentiment Analysis Platform, providing following services:
Sentiment analysis, Text summarization, Entity extraction, Themes discovery, Keyword analysis, Citation detection, Slang detection, Document classification, Machine Learning.

Advanced statistical system for survey data analysis "Salary Analytics"
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Internet store integrated with Microsoft Dynamics |

Graphical program ProXmedia Picture Editor PRO - created in 2008, has been downloaded and installed almost 100 000 times so far.

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